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Consumer Math

Equipping Biblically Informed Stewards

Consumer Math helps students develop the knowledge and skills they need to successfully handle their personal finances. Using math as a consumer is inescapable. From buying food and clothing to taking out loans for cars and houses, Consumer Math prepares students for making real-world financial decisions. This course teaches students how to be good stewards of the resources God has given them through basic math and principles for handling money students and an understanding of scriptural teaching about money.

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    How We Teach Consumer Math

    A Changing World

    The world of the consumer is continually changing because it is so responsive to both market forces and government regulations. This textbook addresses the continually changing world by updating prices, processes, technologies, and laws relating to personal finance.

    Personal Finances

    When students graduate from school and leave home, they will need to make financial decisions for themselves. This textbook focuses primarily on personal finances, including understanding credit card charges, filling out income taxes, addressing interest on loans and savings, and budgeting. Each topic helps prepare students to think practically and wisely about their financial decisions.

    Problem Solving

    Consumer math helps prepare students for the real world. It equips students to think critically and practically about financial situations. Students will learn principles that will help them face problems in life with wisdom and clear thinking.

    Good Stewards

    Stewardship & Scripture sections encourage students to view their handling of money in light of scriptural teaching. How should a Christian approach debt? How should a Christian give to the church? What is a Christian’s responsibility to work? Students will learn to see what Scripture has to say about their financial resources.

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    Consumer Math Educational Materials

    Student Edition

    The student edition features explanations of concepts with helpful examples, exercise sets, Stewardship & Scripture features, and chapter and cumulative reviews.

    Teacher Edition

    The two-volume teacher edition provides guidance concerning common student errors, answers and solutions for all exercises, additional problems for use as the teacher sees fit, and tips for solving the more difficult exercises.