Bible K5 First Edition

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Give Lessons through Stories

Give your early learners a solid start by laying a firm biblical foundation! K5 Bible: Exploring God’s Word introduces early-learning students to the big story of God’s Word and the part they play in it. The course will introduce students to important biblical characters and show the impact of their choices. Students will also incorporate biblical truths into their daily lives through role-playing, Scripture memory, and sacred songs. K5 Bible helps early learners discover truth about God and understand the world He created.

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a sample page of illustrations

How We Teach Bible K5

a sample page showing an overview of Noah's Ark

Captivating Visuals

K5 Bible includes many beautiful visuals that will captivate and engage students. Most Bible stories have several corresponding visuals.

The course also includes information cards that will help teachers discuss unique cultures and concepts that may be unfamiliar.

Thorough Instruction

This course goes the extra mile to help students retain the lessons they’ve learned. It features an intentional teaching cycle that captures students’ attention, expands knowledge and skills, applies skills to real-life situations, and assesses students’ understanding.

Study and Application

K5 Bible helps early learners begin to develop a biblical worldview. It not only helps students examine Scripture but leads them through the process of applying biblical truths to life. Students will learn more about their Creator and His Word, and they will see how the principles taught in Scripture can shape their lives.


a cut-away illustration of the Temple layout

Student Worktext (eWorktext available)

The student worktext features age-appropriate activities such as dot-to-dot, color by number, mazes, and tracing. These activities will help students review important information from their Bible lessons. The worktext pages can be completed as a review with either a group of students or individually.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition follows the four-step teaching cycle—Engage, Instruct, Apply, and Assess. Teachers will be able to capture students’ attention, activate prior knowledge, and motivate students to connect with new content. After teaching the lesson material, teachers can guide students through practical application and assess their understanding using discussions, crafts, and activity pages.


The visuals include numerous colorful, engaging images that will pique student interest and encourage connection to the lesson material.

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