Writing & Grammar 8 Fourth Edition

the Writing & Grammar 8 textbooks

Encourage Strong Communicators

Help your students to become clear, coherent, and well-developed communicators by giving them opportunities to learn from good writers and apply grammar and writing skills to their own writing. This course teaches students how to use written, spoken, and visual language to communicate clearly and effectively. Scaffolded writing practice and writing assignments take students through the six traits of writing as they progress from writing paragraphs to writing essays, culminating in a multigenre project.

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How We Teach Writing & Grammar 8

a sample page showing a Mentor Text a sample page showing a Grammar Toolbox

Mentor Texts

Students will interact with and evaluate samples of good writing to learn writing principles they can apply to their own writing. Writing Toolboxes give them opportunities to practice and further develop their writing skills as well as learn to write specific types of paragraphs.

Grammar Application

Teachers will find special features such as Punctuation PowerUps and Grammar Toolboxes, which will support them in teaching grammar and its application to writing. Students will learn to use grammar, not in isolation, but to improve their writing on both the sentence and paragraph level.

Skill Development

Students will find instruction and activities designed to improve skills their skills in written and oral communication. They will practice revising sentences, use the library and internet for research, give presentations, and participate in peer reviews and group assignments.


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Student Worktext

The student worktext provides practice and review of grammar so students can become better written and oral communicators. Students will find a variety of full- and partial-page illustrations to draw them in to lessons and help them see how grammar influences written communication. In learning the writing process and the six traits of writing, students will create narrative, informative, and argumentative texts that represent clear, coherent writing. Throughout this course, students will be encouraged to develop a biblical view of communication by focusing on writing with empathy, logic, virtue, and discernment.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition gives educators the resources they need to craft effective lessons on writing and grammar. Lesson plans feature a variety of strategies supported by additional resources and instructional aids to assist the teacher in helping the students develop grammar and writing skills.

Assessments and assessments answer keys are also available.

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