Math 6 Fourth Edition

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Develop Critical Thinking and Reasoning with Math

Archimedes measuring the circumference of a globe

Math 6 transitions students from elementary school into middle school math by providing consistent review of concepts taught in the program with an emphasis on learning math to solve real-world problems. Students will learn not only how math principles work but also how to think critically about those principles and construct arguments so they can use the principles in real-world situations. Teaching materials include a variety of teaching strategies including differentiated instruction, instruction for mathematical modeling, and suggestions for collaborative learning activities.

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a sample page showing a chapter opener about equations

How We Teach Math 6


Students learn how to use mathematical models to build understanding of how quantities relate to structure in the real world.


Students will find a variety of STEM lessons that follow the engineering design process to teach them how to use math to solve real-world problems.

a sample page showing mathematical modeling

Arguments and Reasoning

Students will practice constructing arguments and explaining the reasoning processes they use to solve math problems. As they collaborate with their peers, they will develop an understanding of how and why math works and will learn how to critique others’ reasoning as well as their own.

Differentiated Learning

Teachers will find suggestions for providing students further help and alternative methods for presenting lesson material throughout the course.

a sample page showing a STEM project


Student Edition

The student edition provides practice and direct application for all math concepts students will learn. Students will use what they have learned in lessons to think critically about how to use math and how to reason with math. Students will find STEM lessons that follow the engineering design process as well as a variety of engaging illustrations and pictures that help them better understand how to use math to solve real-world problems.

a sample page about division

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition is a two-volume set that equips educators with 6th grade math lesson plans, teaching strategies, and a variety of other resources for creating a successful learning environment for students. Lessons are organized clearly and logically to support the educator in teaching students math concepts and to guide them in developing a biblical worldview of math.

Assessments and assessments answer key are also available.

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