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Encourage Literacy Development

English 4: Writing & Grammar reviews and broadens 4th grade students’ foundational knowledge of English conventions (including grammar, mechanics, and usage) and teaches students how to apply them directly to how they write and speak. Students will find six larger writing assignments for direct application of the writing process and grammar skills as well as regular practice opportunities in journaling and other practice lessons. Teaching material provides lesson plans for teaching the writing process through a variety of teaching strategies, using mentor texts, leading writing conferences, and more. Develop your students’ skills in speaking, writing, visual and digital literacy, and research, while including biblical worldview themes that will increase the students’ sense of wonder at God’s gift of language.

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Course Features of English 4

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Students will find full-page illustrations and visual analysis questions for developing visual literacy. The study and research chapter builds digital and media literacy with lessons on internet safety and internet research.

Differentiated Instruction

Teachers will find teaching strategies for guiding ELL, struggling students, and advanced students, as well as suggestions for general enrichment activities.

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Standardized Test Preparation

Cumulative review pages can be used to prepare students for the format of standardized testing.

Writing Rubrics

Teachers will find rubrics to use as guides for summative assessments of each writing project.


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Student Worktext

The student worktext allows students to practice and apply English conventions and writing skills. Chapters alternate between teaching students grammar, usage, and mechanics and teaching students to write using the writing process. Engaging illustrations help students understand concepts and mentor texts, and student models show them how to improve their writing and apply grammar skills.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition offers educators lesson plans that include options and strategies for teaching students English conventions and writing skills. Lessons include a complete teaching cycle that guides students towards success, with recommendations for engagement, instruction, application, and assessment.

Assessments and assessments answer key are also available.

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