Bible 2 First Edition

the Bible 2 textbooks

Teaching Stories and Lessons

Enable your students to learn important Bible doctrines from biblical narratives. Bible 2: Truths for Life further nurtures each student’s ability to internalize biblical truth and apply specific truths to real-life situations. This course examines biblical covenants, the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and the end times. Students will continue to form their own worldviews based on Scripture and grow in their ability to discuss and defend biblical truths.

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a sample page showing an illustration of the Noahic Covenant

How We Teach Bible 2

a sample page showing an application section

Biblical Questions and Answers

This course helps students learn and retain core Bible doctrines through a question-and-response format. Bible 2 builds on the 43 truths learned in Bible 1 and adds 51 new truths expressed in the same format. This systematic approach helps students review the truths they’ve already learned while continuing to expand their knowledge.

Improved Structure

Bible 2 structures material around key Bible truths, giving students a context and a purpose for learning Bible stories and about Bible characters.

Captivating Artwork

Artwork in the student worktext will captivate and engage students. Most Bible stories include several corresponding visuals to help further explain the content.


an illustration of Jacob's dream about a ladder ascending to heaven

Student Worktext (eWorktext available)

Each lesson in the student worktext is dedicated to a singular Bible truth and includes one page for review, one page for application, and two pages for assessment. These features will give students space to absorb the material and apply it to real-life situations.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition uses the four-step teaching cycle of Engage, Instruct, Apply, and Assess. Teachers will be able to review what students already know and pique their interest to learn more. They will be able to deliver the lesson content with multiple opportunities for roleplaying, storytelling, and direct instruction. Teachers will help students discern how to apply the lessons through discussion and explanation. Finally, teachers will assess student understanding through worktext pages and classroom discussion.

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