BJ Booklinks

BJ Booklinks

BJ Booklinks work along with the reading educational materials to provide broader reading opportunities and greater skill development. Each BJ Booklink includes a pocket folder with lesson plans and reproducible work pages for developing literature and comprehension skills. It also includes directions for enrichment activities linking novels to content areas (science, Heritage Studies, math) and life skills (cooking, music, crafts). A copy of the novel is needed for each student in the instructional group.

Arby Jenkins, Mighty Mustang

Buttercup Hill

Carolina's Courage

Case of the Dognapped Cat, The

Children of the Storm

Father's Promise, A

Jenny Wren

Looking For Home

Lost Prince of Samavia


Mountain Born

Once in Blueberry Dell

Pulling Together

Secret of the Golden Cowrie, The

These Are My People

Treasure of Pelican Cove, The

Trouble at Silver Pines Inn

On Yonder Mountain

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