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COVID-19 Resources

Special Note to Parents:

As schools plan for the new school year while complying with governmental orders, BJU Press is working with Christian schools to offer additional online resources. Students will need to stay under the guidance of their respective schools in order to receive credit for the year. Parents with questions should contact their students' school.

Partners in Christian Education:

We are working to address educational challenges presented by COVID-19 and anticipate changes to learning environments. We are providing as many resources as possible for you. Please contact us or your local Precept representative if you need any additional assistance.

  • Tutorial Videos and Exercises at
    • A free website for students that provides tutorial videos and exercises for additional practice and review.
    • Tutorial videos cover: Math (Grades 7–12), Grammar (Grades 4–12), and Spanish 1.
  • Lesson Materials on Teacher Tools Online
    • Ready-to-use resources for creating video lessons:
      • Professionally designed PowerPoints
      • Web links to supplementary videos, articles, websites, and activities
      • Downloadable teaching aids and student activities
      • Electronic copies of student texts and teacher editions
    • ExamView generates customized and shareable tests and quizzes for many of our courses
    • Video supports can be sent to students as necessary for remote learning.
  • Online Learning Platform
    • Christian Classroom Online offers full online video courses. Contact a Precept sales representative to see if this option is right for you.
  • Online Achievement Testing
    • BJU Press Testing & Evaluation offers online testing for Iowa Assessments™ and CogAT®.
    •  Email, or call 800.845.5731 for more information.
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