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COVID-19 Resources

Special Note to Parents:

As schools plan for the new school year while complying with governmental orders, BJU Press is working with Christian schools to offer additional online resources. Students will need to stay under the guidance of their respective schools in order to receive credit for the year. Parents with questions should contact their students' school.

Partners in Christian Education:

As the 2020–21 school year begins, BJU Press admires the way that Christian schools continue to face challenges with courage and ingenuity. We are thankful that we can play a small part in how your schools are adapting to serve your students and teachers.

We will continue to provide additional resources to enrich and support your teachers and students throughout this fall and into the future. Below is a list of resources currently available for your benefit this year:

  1. Video Lessons: These videos are available to Teacher Tools Online Premium users. Links to videos can be sent to students as necessary for remote learning.
  2. eTextbooks: eTextbooks offer flexibility for transitions between in class and at-home study. You can purchase eTextbooks of most of our student editions on our website.
  3. Electronic Assessments: The ExamView test generator on Teacher Tools Online allows teachers to:
    1. Customize assessments for in-class printed assessments
    2. Upgrade to ExamView Premium for deploying online assessments
    3. Export/Import/Copy test questions into other Learning Management Systems for quizzing or testing
  4. free website offers short video tutorials and review exercises for at-home lesson reinforcement or as additional review.
  5. Christian Classroom Online:: This option is for schools needing to move to an online school model. Christian Classroom Online program allows you to maintain educational oversight, while offering each student scheduled assignments, video lessons, handouts, as well as computer graded quizzes and tests for grades 5-12. We can assist you with customized pricing if you need temporary access.
  6. Achievement Testing: BJU Press Testing and Evaluation has a year-round staff that can quickly ship and score testing materials (to be scored with Fall norms) to provide a baseline for instruction for this fall and for comparison with Spring 2021 testing.

Our commitment is to give you educational tools, textbooks, and instructional materials that are academically rigorous and biblically integrated so you can achieve your commitments to your parents and students.

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