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    • With Art in Mind

      With Art in Mind

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      The sixty step-by-step lessons are simple, based on important principles and elements of art. This text may be used in any sequence with students ages 8–13. Can help even the non-art teacher.

    • Songs of My Savior (vocal solos, medium voice, spiral)

      Songs of My Savior (vocal solos, medium voice, spiral)


      This unique collection conains solos and hymns by Bob Jones Sr., Bob Jones Jr., and Bob Jones III.

    • The Instrumentalist: Guitar CD

      The Instrumentalist: Guitar CD


    • Sheffey Soundtrack (CD)

      Sheffey Soundtrack (CD)


      Enjoy music from the motion picture CD of Sheffey. This recording features fifteen original instrumental compositions by Dwight Gustafson performed by the Bob Jones University Symphony Orchestra. Sheffey is a full-length inspirational film that highlights the true story of circuit-riding preacher, Robert Sheffey, from rebel to servant of God.

    • Promises (CD)

      Promises (CD)


      Remember God’s promises with the inspirational music of SoundForth’s third BJU Singers & Orchestra recording, Promises. Thematically woven throughout the hymn texts, God’s promised gifts of pardon, provision, and constant presence form the core of the believer’s hope and the focus of this inspirational music offering. Warren Cook, Dan Forrest, and Richard Nichols bring to life the beauty of the Word in choral music arrangements that will strengthen and nourish your soul.

    • Beyond All Praising (CD)

      Beyond All Praising (CD)


      Be encouraged to praise our God by the musical expressions of SoundForth’s fourth BJU Singers & Orchestra recording, Beyond All Praising. Familiar composers have freshly set hymn texts, original settings, and well-known melodies to assist the listener in uplifting the name of the Lord, as well as encourage the believer to focus on the facets of His character. We hope the beauty of these fresh musical offerings will aid in your worship of our God.

    • Milltown Pride Soundtrack CD

      Milltown Pride Soundtrack CD


      Enjoy the dramatic score of Milltown Pride and remember your favorite moments from the film. The Milltown Pride soundtrack was composed by Brian Buda and performed by the BJU Orchestra.

    • Steadfast Faith

      Steadfast Faith


      Steadfast Faith is a musical reflection on the theme of faith. The recording has 15 tracks, all sung by Ten Men, a new men’s ensemble. The title track is a brand-new song written by Eileen Berry with music by Molly Ijames of SoundForth.