Algebra 1 Fourth Edition

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Tackle Real Problems with Advanced Math

Algebra 1 equips students and teachers with tools and strategies for using and developing algebraic models to solve real-world problems within the context of a biblical worldview. Students will write algebraic expressions, describe quantitative relationships, solve real-world problems using linear equations, and understand God’s design as foundational to reasoning, modeling, and ethics in mathematics.

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How We Teach Algebra 1

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Lessons begin with exercises that can be completed either independently or with a class partner. These exercises are designed to either review content or proactively assess the content of that day’s lesson. Additionally, an essential question is introduced and discussed to solidify learning targets for that day’s content and highlight the major concepts of each day’s lesson.


The Algebra 1 course offers numerous methods of instruction to help students connect with the class content. The teacher edition enables content delivery using both direct and indirect instruction along with collaborative activities for the classroom.


This course provides multiple activities and applications to connect the course content with real-life scenarios. Each chapter contains multiple sets of exercises that are scaffolded by degree of difficulty. Multiple example problems are listed with step-by-step explanations, and real-world problems and STEM activities enable students to see mathematical principles at work in daily life. Cumulative reviews build procedural and computational fluency in preparation for standardized testing.


Multiple tools through the course serve to give instructors a clear vision of student comprehension and skill level. The student edition contains numerous formative assessments to be used as the class progresses through each chapter’s material. Each chapter has two to four designated quizzes, and four quarterly exams offer cumulative assessment in addition to the twelve chapter tests.


Student Edition

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The student edition is designed to give students clear, engaging content coupled with consistent review. The student edition contains numerous skill checks for formative assessment along with exercises grouped in progressive degrees of difficulty. Essential questions enable student focus as they absorb lesson content, and key mathematical practices are highlighted in each chapter.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition provides strategies with various approaches for introducing new concepts. Each chapter includes a lesson opener along with links to chapter videos on Teacher Tools Online to provide interest and excitement.


The activities provide opportunities for extra practice, enrichment, and classroom collaboration. This book includes two STEM projects that can be assigned as group work over an extended period of time.


The assessments packet includes a total of twelve chapter tests along with four quarterly exams. Additionally, there are two to four designated quizzes for each chapter. Custom assessments are also available via ExamView.

Answers to the student activities are also available along with assessments answer keys.

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Algebra 1 Teacher Materials (4th ed.)

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Algebra 1 Activities, 4th ed.
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