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Little Bear's Secret

Little Bear's Secret
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Little Bear’s Secret is the third in the Little Bear Adventure series of easy-to-read picture books, written by Kathleen Allan-Meyer and illustrated by Elaine Garvin. Day camp? Without Rudie and Spunky around? Little Bear is sure he doesn’t want to risk it, even though his brothers are going too. But doing crafts and going on hikes and building a bonfire might be fun, if only he had a friend! What was that secret Mother Bear told him? Maybe he’ll give it a try.

Other Little Bear adventures include: Little Bear's Surprise, Little Bear's Big Adventure, Little Bear at Big School, Little Bear's Crunch-A-Roo Cookies and Play Fair, Little Bear.

  • ISBN - 978-1-57924-358-6
  • Author - Kathleen Allan-Meyer
  • Copyright Year - 2000
  • Format - softbound
  • Length - 32 pp.
  • Publisher - BJU Press, JourneyForth
  • Reading Level - picture book
  • Lexile Measurement - 370

Little Bear's Secret

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