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Testing & Evaluation

The Stanford Tests for Private Schools

Before purchasing any Stanford materials, please note that the Stanford 10 will no longer be supported and cannot be scored after June 30, 2016. (Orders must be placed by April 30, 2016, and all completed tests must be sent for scoring by June 1, 2016.) If you would like to order testing materials, we recommend the Iowa Assessments Form E for long-term testing purchases. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Includes a Lexile Measure for Grades 1–12. Stanford 10/OLSAT® 8 tests are available for customers in most areas. Restrictions apply in the states listed here (areas subject to change).

Purchase Service Package
Materials Keep your materials and reuse them next year—purchase only what you need to supplement your test inventory Ship all materials back—no need to store anything
Pricing Prices vary depending on what you order Pay a flat rate for each student you're testing
Scoring* Purchase scoring separately Includes everything you need to test (even scoring)
Shipping Your order ships when you place it Your order ships 2–5 weeks ahead of test date

*Return shipping is not included in either option. Please use an insured, traceable carrier when returning your tests to protect the time and effort you have invested in your testing.


Already have inventory?
If you have existing inventory and/or plan to reuse materials for 2 or more years, use the Purchase option for the best pricing. Once you have your own materials, next year you’ll only need minimal materials (such as answer documents or consumable booklets) and scoring—reducing your cost per student.

High student/teacher ratio?
The higher your student/teacher ratio, the more you’ll save with the Purchase option.

Small class size?
Simplify by grouping several grades and using the Service Package option. Rather than accumulating inventory that may not match your future needs, you’ll be able to order exactly the right amount each year.

Tester Qualifications

It is critical that the publisher’s guidelines for administering the tests be followed precisely. Please review the tester qualifications for Purchase or Service Package.

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