BJU Press Teacher Recruitment Center | Setting up Your Search Agent

Creating Your Search Agent

  • Click Job Postings and select the Advanced Search tab.
  • Place a checkmarck in the Save As box.
  • Name your search agent (i.e., Elementary Teacher, Music Teacher).
  • Select the search criteria you wish to use and click Submit.
    For certain criteria, you can select multiple values by holding down the CTRL key while you make your selections. It is best to start out with a broad search and narrow it down with additional criteria after you are satisfied with the results. Leave blank any search options that are not important to you.
  • Your search results will display and your Search Agent has now been created.

Note—The fewer items you select for search criteria, the more job opportunities you may have to view.

Scheduling the Search Agent to Run

  • Click the Search Agents tab.
  • Find your Search Agent title and click the Schedule button.
  • Click Enabled—yes.
  • Select the frequency and how often you want it to run (For example, Period=week, Multiple=2; the agent will run every two weeks.)
  • You may change your search criteria at any time by clicking the Edit button.

Your results will be automatically emailed to you!

Tip—You can create additional search agents by repeating this process or by selecting Advanced Search and viewing your search agent titles. Select your desired search and the information will populate the fields below. After changing the title and editing the information with new criteria, place a check mark in the Save As box. Then, complete the search agent by scheduling it to run (Step 2).

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