How do my teachers become qualified test administrators?

They may complete online tester applications at The test publishers have established strict guidelines for who may administer a test. They are as follows:

For the Iowa Tests® Series, each tester

For the Stanford Achievement Test Series, the tester must

Do my teachers have to be qualified testers if our school is purchasing tests or using prepurchased tests?

Your teachers need to meet the test publisher’s qualifications as listed above.

May testers administer achievement tests to their own children?

What grades (test levels) may be tested simultaneously?

ITBS®/ITED® Grouping Options for spring testing*

Stanford Grouping Options for spring testing*

*For fall testing, please refer to the test level rather than the grade level.
†Please note that the Listening subtest must be administered to each grade level separately. Word Analysis and Listening are administered separately for The Iowa Tests

What is the difference between a tester and a proctor?

Unapproved adults (proctors) may assist only in distributing pencils and scratch paper and during breaks but may not administer tests. Every individual who does ANY of the following must be a pre-approved tester:

Every tester must also sign the Tester Sign-Off on the Student Roster to be returned with the completed tests.