How do my teachers become qualified test administrators?

Teachers may qualify by completing our easy online tester applications. The test publishers have established tester eligibility as follows:

For the Iowa Assessments™ Series, a bachelor’s degree is preferred for each tester but not required.

The applicant can mark “I have a degree/diploma.” He or she will then be able to choose whether that degree or diploma is a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, high school diploma, or other degree (e.g., Bachelor of Business Administration). The applicant will then fill in all fields. If he or she has only a high school diploma, the applicant can type N/A for Major.

For the Stanford 10, a bachelor’s degree is required for tester approval, in addition to watching a short video.

BJU Press reviews all applications within 5–7 business days. Teachers who have questions about tester eligibility can apply, and we will follow up if further information is needed.

Do my teachers have to be qualified testers if our school is using the Purchase option or if our school is using materials obtained previously through another company?

All teachers must meet the test publisher’s qualifications listed above, but they do not need to be approved through BJU Press.

The school administrator will be required to sign a Contractual Agreement certifying that all teachers who will administer the tests are qualified according to these guidelines.

May testers administer achievement tests to their own children?

Approved testers may administer tests to their own children (or children related to them) if their state law permits and there is no conflict with any other entity that may require test results for admission, award granting, and so forth. In these cases it is the teachers' responsibility to ensure that they are following the guidelines required by their state or other entity.

What grades (test levels) may be tested simultaneously?

Iowa Assessments Grouping Options for spring testing*

*For fall testing, please refer to the test level rather than the grade level.

†Grade 3 (Level 9) of the Iowa Assessments includes Word Analysis and Listening, which are administered separately.

Stanford Grouping Options for spring testing*

*For fall testing, please refer to the test level rather than the grade level.

†Please note that the Listening subtest must be administered to each grade level separately.

What is the difference between a tester and a proctor?

For paper/pencil testing, proctors are adults who are not approved to administer tests but who may assist the tester in distributing pencils and scratch paper and during breaks. Every individual must be approved by BJU Press before doing ANY of the following:

For Service Packages, every tester must also sign the Tester Sign-Off on the Student Roster to be returned with the completed tests.