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Bring Your Workbooks and Textbooks to Life

Experience our materials like never before! BJU Press’s new digital platform powered by TextbookHub offers a new interactive eWorktext and eTextbook experience. Our innovative eWorktexts allows students to complete workbook assignments entirely online. eWorktexts makes collecting and grading worktext pages easier than ever. In addition, enhanced eTextbooks allow you to modify and customize your students’ textbook experience.


With our new eWorktexts, students are now able to complete their worktext assignments online. These eWorktexts auto-grade objective questions, provide answer keys for teacher review or grading subjective problems, allow students to show their work, and much more!

New eWorktext Features:

  • Online access and completion of BJU Press eWorktexts and Activity Manuals through Google Chrome
  • Choice of items to assign for grading
  • Auto-grading of objective questions
  • Easy-to-use teacher grading tools for subjective questions
  • LMS and Grade Export integrations for leading LMSs
  • CSV export option for grades


These new eTextbooks can become an extension of the teacher and their teaching style. Teachers can add comments, images, links, videos, and quizzes directly into their students’ eTextbooks. And eTextbooks can be distributed instantly from course rosters with an optional SIS integration upgrade.

New eTextbook Features:

  • Enables teachers to place quizzes directly in the eTextbook
  • Integrates with your LMS to export quiz grades
  • Allows teachers to add customized audio, video, or weblinks into the eText for their students
  • Facilitates comments within the eTextbooks to promote discussion
  • Integrates built-in analytics to show how much time students spend in the textbook

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