Digital Worktexts and Customizable eTextbooks for Christian Schools

Christian schools can access customizable BJU Press materials on a digital platform! BJU Press offers an interactive eWorktext and eTextbook experience. With TextbookHub eWorktexts and eTextbooks, teachers can collect and grade online student assignments as they are completed. This platform also enables teachers to add content, create quizzes, and interact with their class.


Students are able to complete their worktext assignments entirely online. These eWorktexts auto-grade objective questions and provide contextual answer keys for teacher review or grading of subjective exercises.

Other 2022-23 school year upgrades:

Teachers will enjoy an improved experience for creating and grading assignments. New features are included:

  • Options to select questions for assignment from a workbook directly
  • Ability to specify start date of assignments (when students will see them in their dashboard)
  • Feature to change whether late submissions will be accepted
  • Option to grade assignments by question instead of grading by student
  • Ability to give extra points to students for an assignment

eWorktext Features:

  • Easily select items to assign for homework (improved for 2022)
  • Easy-to-use teacher tools for manual grading of subjective questions (enhanced for 2022)
  • LMS and Grade Export integrations for leading LMS platforms
  • CSV export option for grades


With the TextbookHub platform, teachers can use eTextbooks as an extension of their teaching style. Teachers can digitally add comments, images, links, videos, and quizzes to their students’ eTextbooks. They can also grant access to eTextbooks with an available SIS integration upgrade.

TextbookHub eTextbook Features:

  • Place quizzes directly in the eTextbook (for formative reviews, etc.)
  • Export quiz grades to your LMS
  • Customize eTextbooks with audio, video, or weblinks
  • Initiate conversations within eTextbooks with comments
  • See the last time students accessed eTextbooks (as an indication of effort) through TextbookHub analytics

Ordering, Distribution, and Support Resources

Purchasing BJU Press Content on the TextbookHub Platform

Due to technical requirements, access to the TextbookHub platform is only available for conventional Christian Schools. Orders for BJU Press eTextbooks or eWorktexts on the TextbookHub platform may be placed in a couple of different ways:

*Schools choosing the recommended SIS Integration upgrade will use the following item number: 538074

Annual TextbookHub Platform Account Set-Up

Annually, after purchasing TextbookHub e(Work)texts, you must update TextbookHub with correct information to set up your unique school platform (e.g.,, which teachers and students will use to access the platform.

Please fill out the Annual Account Set-Up Form   after your first TextbookHub purchase. This information will help set up your account properly and designate a point-of-contact at your school. This form will also inform TextbookHub about your selected method for student and teacher rostering.

TextbookHub Student Assignment (Textbook Access Distribution)

TextbookHub will send your school’s platform manager an email with further instructions based on your school’s selection. Schools will be able to enter student, teacher, and course information manually.

After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the admin portal to match each book purchased to its corresponding course. These instructions will also explain how to roster teachers and students to their respective courses.

TextbookHub Support

All additional platform or other support requests should be directed to the TextbookHub Support Team at

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