ExamView® is available for math, science, and Heritage Studies courses within Teacher Tools Online. View availability chart.

ExamView® Assessment Suite includes three great programs to help teachers with classroom assessments: Test Generator, TestPlayer, and Test Manager.

Test Generator

With Test Generator, teachers can create assessments, quizzes, study guides, and worksheets using multiple types of question formats, pictures, tables, graphs, charts, and other multimedia elements. Using test banks created by BJU Press, teachers can also quickly choose questions to create valid, high-quality assessments. These assessments can be printed or used with TestPlayer.


TestPlayer is a LAN-based student program that allows students to take a test on a computer and automatically grades objective questions.

Test Manager

Teachers can use Test Manager to collect results from TestPlayer and manage class rosters and grade books. The Test Manager can also generate comprehensive reports (for LAN tests) in minutes, allowing the teacher to analyze student results and identify areas of concern.

The ExamView® Assessment Suite is also a great tool for classroom instruction. Teachers can use CPS student-response systems with ExamView to instantly receive reports on student performance, providing them with the data they need to teach, assess, and reteach all within the same lesson.

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