eTextbooks for Students

Stay on the leading edge of technology with BJU Press eTextbooks! eTextbooks mean lighter loads for students and improved accessibility for students who use laptops or tablets. Parents will appreciate the increased level of student engagement that eTextbooks can provide.

BJU Press eTextbooks are offered through the VitalSource Bookshelf® platform. Delivering digital content to more than 1.6 million users on 6,000 campuses in 180 countries, VitalSource® is the preferred and most used e-textbook platform in higher education today.

  • Simple process—After the book is purchased, the student/parent signs up for a free VitalSource Bookshelf account online, enters the special code received from BJU Press, and receives the eTextbook in his virtual bookshelf.
  • Anywhere, anytime access—The student gets three-way access to his eTextbook: desktop, online and mobile for an entire year. Free apps which allow offline viewing are available for PC, Mac®, Apple® (iPad® and iPhone®) and Android devices. (Will not work with the Windows Surface RT.)
  • Study features—Students can highlight text, define text (Apple only), write notes, and search eTextbook contents and notes.
  • Note-sharing—Students can share notes or subscribe to friends' or teachers' notes. Notes are synchronized across all devices.
  • Page fidelity—Pagination in both hard copy textbooks and eTextbooks is the same, enabling all students to be on the same page no matter which version they use in the classroom.

Student eTextbooks are currently available for the following grades and subjects.

  • Math 6–12
  • Science 1–12
  • Heritage Studies 1–12
  • Reading 1–6
  • Literature 7–12
  • Spanish 1–3

See a complete list of all eTextbooks available.

Tutorial Videos

VitalSource Administrator Tutorial Part 1—An overview of the VitalSource eTextbook Distribution process
VitalSource Administrator Tutorial Part 2—An explanation of features such as Groups and Delegation in the VitalSource eTextbook Distribution process
VitalSource Installation Tutorial—How to download, install, and redeem the VitalSource eTextbook

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