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Spelling Overview

Meaningful Presentation

Effective spelling instruction equips the student to produce accurate written communication that serves others and brings glory to God. BJU Press Spelling word lists focus on high-frequency words with reliable phonics and structural generalizations. Lists progress to include various syllable patterns, derivations formed by adding prefixes and suffixes, and Greek and Latin word parts. Colorful worktexts with enjoyable themes present a variety of interesting spelling activities.

Comprehension Focus

The student investigates words by identifying, comparing, contrasting, and drawing conclusions about spelling patterns and rules. Worktext pages include word sorting and building words by adding prefixes or suffixes. Vocabulary activities emphasize the connection between spelling and meaning. Dictionary-skill activities support the application of spelling skills. Review features help the student develop spelling mastery.

Expanded Application

BJU Press Spelling is designed to help the student develop a bank of known words he can spell correctly upon recall. He also learns strategies for applying spelling skills to unknown words. Proofreading activities help the student to grow in his awareness of his own spelling and to increase his skill in detecting his own errors. The practice test and final test include dictation sentences. Writing activities give the student practice in using spelling in real-life situations.

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