The Materials for Secondary Science

Below are the standard Science materials provided for each secondary grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.


Student Text
Each Student Text uses colorful photos and illustrations, helpful charts and diagrams, and age-appropriate content to make science more exciting and accessible to junior high and high school students. Special-interest boxes are included that expand upon the text, help students to think critically about a topic, consider a specific career in science, and more.


Teacher's Edition
The Teacher's Edition for each grade contains full-color, reduced-size student pages—plus tons of extras, such as activities, ideas for discussion, and intriguing chapter openers, to make learning that much more memorable.


Lab Manual
Lab Manual exercises help enrich the lessons, giving students hands-on experience with some of the objects, concepts, and processes they are studying. Each Lab Manual uses a variety of written exercises that students complete each lab.


Lab Manual Teacher's Edition
The Lab Manual Teacher's Edition contains full-color, reduced-size Lab Manual pages with answers as well as additional instructions on preparation and execution of lab exercises.


Teacher's Toolkit CD
Each Teacher's Toolkit CD, located inside the back cover of the Teacher's Edition, includes teaching visuals, and additional instructional aids and activities.


Each test packet contains one age-appropriate test per chapter, covering the most important concepts taught in the lessons. The Tests Answer Key is available for each grade.

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