The Materials for Middle & High Science

Below are the standard Science materials provided for each middle and high school grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.

A - Student Edition, B - Teacher Edition, C - Activities, D - Activities Answer Key, E - Assessments A

Student Edition
Each student edition introduces students to a scientific field with a solid biblical worldview foundation and a focus on real-world applications. Students will explore discipline-specific terminology and existing models for each field as well as ethical issues presented. Extensive full-color and scientifically accurate illustrations, charts, and diagrams will help students to develop a visual understanding of the concepts they study. Case studies, worldview sleuthing activities, mini-labs, ethics boxes, and questions help students think like scientists and view each scientific field from a biblical perspective.


Teacher Edition
The teacher edition for each grade offers research-based strategies, teaching notes, and suggested activities to give teachers options for daily lessons. The strategies focus on explaining concepts to students by moving from concrete to abstract and by linking scientific concepts and processes with prior learning. Each teacher edition features a suggested teaching schedule, full-color reduced student pages, icon-coded items like weblinks and demonstrations, complete answers to review questions, background information to enhance classroom instruction, and a full-year lesson plan overview. Teachers will also find active learning opportunities, inquiry activities, group discussions, formative assessments, and intriguing chapter openers to add depth and variety to their daily teaching plan.


Student Lab Manual/Activities
The teacher lab manual and answer key contains full-color, reduced-size lab manual pages with answers as well as additional instructions on preparation and the safe execution of lab exercises.


Teacher Lab Manual / Activities Answer Key
The teacher lab manual contains full-color, reduced-size lab manual pages with answers as well as additional instructions on preparation and execution of lab exercises.


The assessment packets provide summative assessment opportunities to measure students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts. The tests and quizzes include opportunities for students to infer information from images, and they assess students’ recall and higher-order thinking skills. An assessments answer key is available for each grade.

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