The Materials for Elementary Science

Below are the standard Science materials provided for each elementary grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.


Student Text
The Student Text provides grade-appropriate information through text, diagrams, graphs, charts, and annotated photographs and illustrations. Each book also includes Quick Check questions, a glossary, and an index as well as instructions for experiments, activities,and projects.


Teacher's Edition
Each Teacher's Edition includes guided instructions for every lesson, as well as useful information about science-process skills, the management of activities, and grading. Most of the lessons also include additional back-ground information, cross-curricular links, and science activities.


Activity Manual
The Activity Manual provides a variety of pages to aid the students' under-standing. Activities differ among grades and include Study Guide, Preview, Reinforcement, Bible Connection, Technology, and Expansion pages. The Activity Manual Answer Key is available separately for some grades and available on the Teacher's Toolkit CD for others.


Teacher's Toolkit CD
Each Teacher's Toolkit CD, located inside the back cover of the Teacher's Edition, includes rubrics and other items, such as quizzes, instructional aids, diagrams, reproducible pages, a list of chapter concepts for each chapter, and useful information about science fairs, all in a printer-friendly format.


Each test packet contains one age-appropriate test per chapter, covering the most important concepts taught in the lessons. Although tests are important, BJU Press does not recommend that they be used as the sole means of determining the student's grade.

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