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The Materials for Life Science

Life Science Student Text

Each chapter contains supporting images, term lists, chapter summaries, and review questions to help students as they study genetics, zoology, human anatomy, and more all within a biblical framework.

Life Science Teacher's Edition with CD

Each chapter includes a chapter overview, a suggested teaching schedule, the national standards for content, bulletin board and field trip ideas, and answers to the review questions. There is also a CD with lots of extra material.

Life Science Student Lab Manual

This manual includes worksheets, activities, and labs that contain clear instructions and reinforcing questions. Many of the labs can be completed with minimal material.

Life Science Lab Manual Teacher's Edition

Makes labs easy for teachers by providing answers, suggested grading, and margin notes with tips and suggestions.

Life Science Tests

This pack provides one 40-50 question test for each chapter with a variety of question types. It also includes five copies of each test.

Life Science Tests Answer Key

Provides answers for all objective answers and sample responses for the essay questions on each test.

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