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Elementary Science Overview

Emphasis on Truth

Science is one of the most hotly contested areas of human culture. The Bible presents us with a view of the world we live in and the tools we should use to study it. We help students understand the truths of God’s Word and recognize false ideas and theories. Each of our science textbooks points out the infinite wisdom and designing hand of God in His creation and its laws.

Interactive Learning

BJU Press Science encourages hands-on learning. Lessons include ideas for enriching lessons with demonstrations and activities, meaningful discussions, and Bible application. Each chapter contains age-appropriate lab-style activities and projects that engage students in developing and applying science process or inquiry skills.

Teacher Support

Because science can be a challenging subject, we have provided extra support. Teacher materials include discussion guides, cross-curricular links, and tips for finding materials as well as suggestions for scheduling and grading, teaching a biblical worldview of science, managing activities, and building lesson plans.

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