Check out a page from the Science 4 Student Text

a page from the Science 4 Student Text

The Materials for Science 4

Science 4 Student Text

Encourages fourth graders to develop a biblical worldview of science. It also develops a student's science process skills through hands-on activities and projects.

Science 4 Teacher's Edition

Contains 180 lessons. Lessons include additional background information, cross-curricular links, and scientific activities as well as information about science-process skills, the management of activities, and grading.

Science 4 Student Activity Manual

Contains a variety of pages to help students understand the content being taught in Science 4.

Science 4 Tests

Science 4 Tests contains twelve chapter tests for evaluating student progress. Corresponds with Science 4.

Science 4 Tests Answer Key

Science 4 Test Answer Key includes test versions with overprinted answers for convenient grading and evaluation.

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