The Materials for Science 4

Science 4 Student Edition

Equips students to explore plants, animals, humans, energy, waves, water, natural hazards, and natural resources. The student edition also helps students to analyze patterns and cycles in nature from a biblical perspective.

Science 4 Teacher Edition

Guides teachers as they help students develop a biblical worldview in relation to scientific concepts that students will learn. Teachers can use the Socratic method of questioning, science vocabulary, guided discussions, inquiry learning, graphic organizers, and various other tools to deliver course content.

Science 4 Activities

Engages students through a variety of exercises. Activities may be used to engage students, reinforce learning, or assess student understanding. Colorful pages that mix graphic organizers and infographics with questions allow students to practice and develop visual analysis and other science skills.

Science 4 Activities Answer Key

Provides tools for the evaluation of work done in the student activities.

Science 4 Assessments

Contains 16 chapter tests along with quizzes and rubrics for additional evaluation.

Science 4 Assessments Answer Key

Provides answers to the tests in the Science 4 Assessments.

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