Check out a page from the Science 2 Student Text

a page from the Science 2 Student Text

The Materials for Science 2

a pitcher of ice water with a thermometer splashing water on a ant holding an umbrella

Science 2 Student Text

The student edition provides age-appropriate scientific information through text, captioned photographs, annotated illustrations, and diagrams as well as special interest boxes. Each reading section ends with a quick check question to assess student understanding. The student edition also contains an introduction to each Investigation, Exploration, and STEM activity. Students have the opportunity to apply the engineering design process and foundational science inquiry skills to develop orderly approaches to problem solving.

Science 2 Teacher Edition

The teacher edition supports teachers and assists them in implementing effective teaching strategies in every lesson. The front matter includes a suggested teaching schedule and overviews of both biblical worldview shaping and the gradual building of understanding. There are also answers to every quick check question, teacher helps, and background information as well as additional activities to engage the students. The appendix includes additional teacher resources, such as instructional aids and visuals.

a picture showing elements of God's creation - a stream, a fish, a deer, an eagle - cut out in the shape of gears fitting together

Science 2 Student Activities

The activities engage the student through reinforcement, enrichment, review, STEM, inquiry, and project and problem-based learning activities. The student will gain an understanding of the concepts taught as he experiences science. Each chapter includes study guides to provide systematic review of key concepts and prepare the student for the chapter assessment. The study guide also includes “Write About It” application questions.

Science 2 Student Activities Answer Key

This answer key gives overprint answers to the activities in the corresponding activities book. Teacher guides for the Investigations, Explorations, and STEM lessons are available in the teacher edition.

Science 2 Assessments

This assessment packet includes 11 chapter tests and a tailored rubric for each Investigation, Exploration, and STEM lesson. Printed tests assess the students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts. All assessments are aligned with clearly stated educational objectives. Customizable test questions are available through ExamView on Teacher Tools Online.

Science 2 Assessments Answer Key

Overprint answers to the eleven printed tests help the teacher to assess the students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts.

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