Check out a page from the Science 2 Student Text

a page from the Science 2 Student Text

The Materials for Science 2

Science 2 Student Text

Provides age-appropriate scientific information through text, diagrams, and charts, captioned photographs, illustrations, and special interest boxes. Each section ends with a Quick Check question to assess student understanding. The first few pages lay a foundation for the biblical worldview that is emphasized in the course. The Student Text also contains instructions for experiments, activities, projects, and a glossary and index.

Science 2 Teacher's Edition with CD

Contains ninety lessons that include lists of objectives, vocabulary, and materials, all with guided questions. Most lessons include additional background information, cross-curricular links, enrichment activities, and teaching tips. The included Teacher’s Toolkit CD contains the Activity Manual Answer Key, worksheets, visuals, rubrics for all of the activities, and much more.

Science 2 Student Activities Manual

Activity Manual—child-friendly reinforcement, review, and enrichment pages; activity pages to record observations.

Science 2 Student Activities Manual Answer Key

Provides overprinted answers of Science 2 Activities Manual for convenient grading and evaluating student progress.

Science 2 Tests

Twelve tests corresponding to the chapters in the student text. Each test is approximately two pages and makes use of a number of graphics.

Science 2 Tests Answer Key

Answer key includes copies of the student tests with overprinted answers for easy grading.

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