Check out a page from the Science 1 Student Text

a page from the Science 1 Student Text

The Materials for Science 1

Science 1 Student Text

Introduces concepts such as the senses, the seasons, health and safety, gravity, and more. The student text is filled with colorful photographs and illustrations to help aid understanding and encourages the development of critical thinking skills.

Science 1 Teacher's Edition with CD

Includes discussion guides, process skill development, easy-to-do demonstrations and activities, extra teacher information, cross cultural links, rubrics, review games, and more. The CD contains rubrics, reproducibles and science fair information.

Science 1 Student Activity Manual

Reinforces the key concepts discussed in the student text. Includes review pages about every two lessons, enrichment pages, and pages for recording information during activities.

Science 1 Activity Manual Answer Key

Includes a copy of the Science 1 Activity Manual with answer overprints.

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