Check out a page from the Science 1 Student Text

a page from the Science 1 Student Text

The Materials for Science 1

Science 1 Student Text

Introduces the student to what science is and what scientists do. It provides age-appropriate scientific information through text, captioned photographs, illustrations, and diagrams as well as special interest boxes. Each reading section ends with a Quick Check question to assess student understanding. The first chapter lays a foundation for the biblical worldview that is emphasized in the course. It also contains an introduction to each Investigation, Exploration, and STEM activity. Through these inquiry-based activities, the student has the opportunity to apply foundational science process skills to develop orderly approaches to problem solving. It includes a glossary and index.

a circular workflow listing the steps: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Make, Make Better, Share

Science 1 Teacher Edition

Supports teachers in implementing effective teaching practices in every lesson. It features a suggested teaching schedule through a Lesson Plan Overview. It also offers a Biblical Worldview Scope and Sequence and answers to every Quick Check question. To encourage engagement and effective teaching, it offers teacher helps, background information, and additional activities. It also offers information about science process skills, the management of activities, and grading. The appendix includes a complete materials list by chapter as well as instructional aids and visuals.

Science 1 Student Activities Manual

Engages the student through reinforcement, enrichment, review, and inquiry-based activities. The student will gain an understanding of the concepts taught by experiencing science. The Bible verses used in each chapter are written out for the student in the Activities book. Investigations, Explorations, and STEM activities reinforce and explore the topics discussed. Reinforcement pages include the use of pictures and questions as well as graphic organizers to strengthen the studentsâ understanding. Each chapter includes study guides to provide systematic review of key concepts and to prepare the student for the chapter assessment. Included in the study guides are Write About It application questions. Enrichment pages provide differentiated learning opportunities.

Science 1 Activities Manual Answer Key

Provides answers to printed activities and helps the teacher assess the students' knowledge and understanding of the concepts.

Science 1 Assessments

Assess the students' knowledge and understanding of the key concepts.

Science 1 Assessments Answer Key

Provides answers to printed tests and helps the teacher assess the students' knowledge and understanding of key concepts.

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