Check out a page from the Biology Student Text

a page from the Biology Student Text

The Materials for Biology

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Biology Student Text

This text takes the student on a quest to understand God’s living world, from the microscopic world of the cells to the macroscopic world of plants, animals, and the human body. Clear scientific images help them picture the cell’s workings, and galleries of photos in every chapter give them a sense of the classification of life. Case studies, webquests, lab activities, and questions help students think like scientists and understand that biology makes sense from a biblical perspective.

Biology Teacher's Edition with CD

This book supports teachers in implementing effective teaching practices for a sound framework in biology. It features a suggested teaching schedule, icon-coded items like web links and demonstrations, complete answers to hundreds of review questions, and lots of information to provide a thorough background to the textbook material. The Teacher’s Edition also includes a resource CD that contains all the supplements needed for teaching Biology. Teachers may use the resources on the CD to teach an additional full year supplemental course on Anatomy and Physiology using the Biology textbook. The CD also includes a large digital image gallery, an editable Lab Manual Material’s list, and a full year lesson plan overview.

Biology Lab Manual

This manual encourages students to explore God’s world both in the lab and in the field. This fresh lab manual helps students learn about life not just through dissections but also through observing, recording, and analyzing samples and data from the living world to make models, predictions, and graphs.

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Biology Lab Manual Teacher's Edition

This book provides margins filled with demonstration ideas, chapter overviews, answers to review questions, and other resources.

Biology Tests

Printed tests assess students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts in Biology. Each chapter test gives many opportunities for students to infer information from images. Assessments vary from matching, multiple choice, and true-false questions to labeling diagrams and reading graphs.

Biology Tests Answer Key

Answers to printed tests help the teachers to assess their students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts.

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