The Materials for Reading

Student Edition

The student edition readers provide interesting, developmentally appropriate selections from a variety of genres. The level of difficulty progresses in readability and skills to give students every opportunity for success. Bible retellings closely follow the text in Scripture to translate reading skills into Bible study skills.

Student Activities

Student activities include independent practice materials that reinforce skills covered in the lessons, including application of phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and composition.

Teacher Edition

Each grade’s teacher edition includes detailed lesson guides with vocabulary sentences and literary instruction, literal and higher-order discussion questions, and pre-reading and post-reading activities to meet multiple learning styles. Grades 1–3 also include phonics instruction or review as a component of the reading lesson.

Additional Resources

Numerous resources are available on Teacher Tools Online to supplement and enhance classroom teaching. These features include instructional aids, assessment rubrics and explanations, biquarterly assessments, book report ideas, and digital copies of activities answer keys.


Assessments packets provide tools to determine whether students can demonstrate proficiency in three components in the reading process: comprehension from silent reading, oral fluency from read-alouds, and written comprehension. The packet includes rubrics for determining a grade for these components as well as reading comprehension tests for grades 2–5 (grade 1 comprehension assessments are located in the back of the teacher edition). Each packet includes teacher instructions, answer keys, rubrics, and reproducible tests.

Novel Studies

If using novel studies, purchase individual copies for each student in the group or class. Teaching guides for integrated novel studies are included either as BJ Booklink guides in grades 2–3 or in a volume of the teacher edition in grades 1, 4–5.

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