Check out a page from the Reading 5 Student Text

a page from the Reading 5 Student Text

The Materials for Reading 5

Reading 5 Student Text

Literature gives students an opportunity to consider new perspectives and topics. This student edition provides grade-level appropriate selections representing a variety of genres and authors. Before, during, and after reading sections emphasize comprehension strategies and literary skills. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to approach each selection from a biblical worldview.

Reading 5 Teacher Edition

This three-part teacher edition provides 180 lessons with guidance for teaching each selection in the student edition. Lesson guides will encourage teachers to use teacher-modeling for activities, including graphic organizers and book reports. Teachers will also have opportunities to develop students’ silent and oral reading skills and assess comprehension through literal and higher-order questions. "Look Again" sections provide opportunities for biblical worldview shaping and collaborative learning. The third volume includes 20 lessons for each of three novels, which are differentiated as low, medium, and high—Misty of Chincoteague, Brady, and The Horse and His Boy.

Giant Despair carrying Christian and Hopeful to Doubting Castle

Reading 5 Student Activities

The activities manual provides extra practice and engaging activities that review the vocabulary and skills covered in the lessons. Composition and informal assessment opportunities are also available in the activities manual.

Reading 5 Student Activities Answer Key

This answer key provides overprint answers for the corresponding student activities.

Reading 5 Assessments

Two tests per unit (a total of 12 assessments) include grade-level appropriate selections in a variety of genres. Questions test a student’s comprehension and vocabulary skills. Tests are designed to assess knowledge of skills covered in each unit as well as to prepare students for standardized tests.

Reading 5 Assessments Answer Key

This answer key provides overprint answers for each reading assessment.

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