Check out a page from the Reading 4 Student Text

a page from the Reading 4 Student Text

The Materials for Reading 4

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Reading 4 Student Text

Provides age-appropriate selections in a variety of genres, including literature and informational text. Before, During, and After Reading sections emphasize comprehension strategies and literary skills. Biblical discernment is an important component of the program.

Reading 4 Teacher's Edition

Provides 180 lessons with guidance for teaching the selections in the student text. Offers a variety of teaching and assessment strategies, including silent and oral reading and literal and higher-order questions. It encourages teacher-modeling for student activities so that students can feel prepared to do new activities. It’s full of biblical worldview shaping and collaborative learning opportunities through Look Again lessons. Book reports, technology projects, sustained silent reading activities, and assessment guidance are included. The third TE volume includes twenty lessons each for teaching three novels differentiated as low, medium, and high difficulty.

Reading 4 Student Worktext

Provides extra practice and fun activities that review the vocabulary and skills covered in the lessons. Composition and informal assessment opportunities give students practice in developing vocabulary and literary skills while offering teachers additional ways to determine student understanding.

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Reading 4 Worktext Answer Key

Provides overprinted answers of the student worktext for convenient student evaluation and grading. The teacher’s edition also includes teacher’s notes for select exercises. Lesson goals and references to the corresponding literature selection in the text are located in the footnotes of each page.

Reading 4 Assessments

Provides twelve assessments (tests). Assessments include grade-level appropriate selections in a variety of genres. Questions assess a student’s comprehension and vocabulary skills. Designed to assess knowledge of skills covered in each unit as well as prepare students for the standardized tests.

Reading 4 Assessments Answer Key

Provides overprinted answers for convenient student evaluation and grading.

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