Check out a page from the Reading 2 Student Text

a page from the Reading 2 Student Text

The Materials for Reading 2

Reading 2 Student Texts A—D

Four reading texts provide interesting, developmentally appropriate selections from a variety of genres, such as realistic and historical fiction, fables, folktales, Bible accounts, biography, and drama as well as poetry. The reading selections provide a progression of difficulty in readability. Instruction is provided in phonics, oral reading, literary techniques, and comprehension. The selections are sequenced logically for readability and skill progression to help all students succeed.

Reading 2 Teacher's Edition with CD

Provides phonics instruction for review, multi-level discussion questions to promote critical thinking, and suggestions for pre-reading and post-reading activities to meet multiple-learning needs. Lesson instruction promotes the use of reading groups to help teachers tailor instruction to meet students’ varied reading levels. Teachers use silent reading to teach students to read for learning and then use good questions to guide discussion which builds comprehension. Oral reading follows to communicate the message of the author by using inflections, rhythm, pitch sounds, and so forth. This new edition has 180 lessons and includes new features, such as two BookLinks and book-report instructions. The Teacher’s Toolkit CD, located on the inside back cover of the teacher’s edition, contains additional instructional aids for phonics and literary skills, bi-quarterly assessments, service word cards, vocabulary context sentences, the Student Worktext Answer Key, and more.

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Reading 2 Student Worktext

A consumable book that provides activities that focus on specific reading skills, such as phonics teaching with songs and word family practice to give students a good knowledge of phonics. Some pages are particularly helpful for assessing student understanding, and these pages are identified in the Teacher’ Edition.

Reading 2 Worktext Teacher's Edition

Includes copies of the Student Worktext pages with answer overprints for easy grading.

Reading 2 Assessments

Includes eight reproducible assessments as well as suggestions for grading. Each assessment includes grade-level appropriate selections in a variety of genres. Questions assess a student’s comprehension and vocabulary skills. Assessments are available with Teacher’s Editions, through Teacher Tools Online, and through separate purchases. Assessment packets include teacher instructions, answer keys with overprinted answers, and reproducible assessments.

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