Check out a page from the Reading 1 Student Text

a page from the Reading 1 Student Text

The Materials for Reading 1

Reading 1 Student Text Set

The six student Reading 1 texts contain a variety of colorfully illustrated Bible stories, biographies, fiction, nonfiction articles, poems, and plays. Each selection is developed to incorporate phonics, English skills, word families, and service words. Stories about two Christian families provide good role models. Selections were carefully chosen or written to help students develop a Christian worldview.

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Reading 1 Teacher's Edition with CD

Includes full-color student text pages surrounded by quick reference discussion questions and teaching strategies for the 158 lessons contained in six units. A small version of the worktext pages with answers in overprint is included for the convenience of the teacher. Also included in the Teacher’s Edition set is the Teacher’s Toolkit CD which provides instruction pages and art patterns in color for eight learning centers. These will enable the teacher to have quick access to several meaningful independent activities which reinforce the skills that the students are learning.

Reading 1 Student Worktext

Offers pages of fun activities that correspond to each reading lesson. These worktext pages are designed to encourage critical thinking and provide students with the opportunity to explore the theme of each story. These pages also assess comprehension of the reading material, new vocabulary, and reading skills.

Reading 1 Tests

Includes assessments for early reading comprehension levels. Assessments are available with Teacher’s Editions, through Teacher Tools Online, and through separate purchases. Assessment packets include teacher instructions, answer keys with overprinted answers, and reproducible tests.

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