The Materials for Reading 1

Reading 1 Student Text Set

Features numerous reading selections from a wide variety of authors and genres. Each selection features colorful illustrations and insightful questions to optimize the student reading experience. Oral reading activities, group discussions, and responsive writing will refine student communication abilities. Numerous biblical worldview themes are displayed throughout the texts, including loving God and others, courage, perseverance, and creativity.

Reading 1 Teacher Edition

Enables teachers to develop early student decoding and comprehension skills and early student reading fluency in a variety of genres. The edition offers teachers numerous resources for content delivery and reinforcement, including systematic phonics instruction, multi-modal teaching strategies, critical-thinking questions, and daily fluency practice exercises. Vivid illustrations and creative activities will also enhance student discovery and retention.

Reading 1 Activities

Contains daily teacher-led and student activities to review and enrich lesson content. Multiple critical thinking and comprehension activities and review questions will help young learners think through literary selections and evaluate biblical principles exemplified in the literature.

Reading 1 Activities Answer Key

Contains the answers to the questions and activities for the respective student assignments.

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