Check out a page from the Precalculus Student Text

a page from the Precalculus Student Text

Materials for Precalculus

Precalculus Student Text

Lessons in the student text thoroughly develop key concepts, provide detailed examples to promote student comprehension, and integrate practical applications. Exercise sets include three levels of difficulty to allow differentiated assignments. Chapters include cumulative reviews to help with long-term mastery and to prepare students for standardized tests and college entrance tests. Students will have the opportunity to use technology to explore mathematical concepts.

Precalculus Teacher Edition

The teacher edition provides presentation suggestions, teacher guidance, and motivational ideas. Reduced student pages with overprint answers and step-by-step solutions simplify grading. It also includes additional exercises and math-journaling suggestions, and it highlights common student errors. The program can be customized by taking advantage of the lesson plan overview and alternative minimum and extended schedules with suggested assignments.

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Precalculus Assessments

The assessment packet includes twelve chapter tests, four quarterly exams, and regular quizzes for each chapter. Each assessment is carefully coordinated with lesson objectives.

Precalculus Assessments Answer Key

The answer key contains answers and step-by-step solutions for quizzes, tests, and quarterly exams.

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