The Materials for Middle & High Math

Below is a sample of the standard BJU Press middle and high school Math materials provided for each grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.

A - Student text, B - Teacher Edition, C - Activities Manual, D - Activities Answer Key, E - Teacher's Toolkit CD, F - Tests A

Student Text
Math concepts are presented in logically sequenced sections that each begin with a brief introduction followed by example problems, diagrams, photos, definitions, and other supporting materials. Problem sets are ranked in A, B, and C levels of difficulty for differentiation of instruction. Cumulative Review sections keep important material from earlier chapters fresh in the students’ minds. Chapter Review sections provide ample practice for test preparation.


Teacher's Edition
The Teacher’s Edition contains presentation suggestions, motivational ideas, and tips on common student errors. Overprint answers and complete step-by-step solutions save teachers time and simplify grading. A detailed Lesson Plan Overview assists in lesson preparation. Suggested scheduling and assignments for minimum, standard, and extended tracks enable easy adaptations for class differences.


Student Activities Manual
This Student Activities Manual provides resources for extra practice, remediation and enrichment activities, calculator skills exercises, and chapter and cumulative reviews.


Student Activities Manual Teacher's Edition
The Student Activities Manual Teacher’s Edition contains overprint answers. Some include a CD with complete solutions.


Teacher's Toolkit CD
Select titles include a CD containing projection-ready answers, visuals, and Mathardy (a PowerPoint review game for each chapter).


Printed test packets also include section quizzes and exams. Complete step-by-step solutions are included with most Answer Keys (sold separately).

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