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The Materials for Elementary Math

Below are the standard Math materials provided for each elementary grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.


Student Text
Using age-appropriate content and colorful illustrations, each Student Worktext provides two pages of explanation and practice problems per lesson, a Chapter Review, and a Cumulative Review. Some Worktexts also include a Career Link section, Daily Review sections, and an Exploring Ideas section.


Teacher's Edition
The Teacher's Edition for each grade contains full-color, reduced-size student pages with overprint answers. Each lesson is preceded by a Chapter Overview, which includes a chart listing the objectives for each lesson, the materials needed for each chapter, and a section entitled A Little Extra Help to provide ideas for helping the student who experiences difficulty with the concepts taught in the chapter. Each Teacher's Edition includes a section providing the teacher with a thorough presentation of the math concepts taught at the elementary level, extra activities, and more.


Manipulatives Packets
To build and reinforce understanding, new concepts are introduced in each grade with the use of manipulatives. Both the Teacher Manipulatives Packet and the Student Manipulatives Packet include hands-on-learning items, such as pocket charts, number lines, paper coins and bills, rulers, workmats, counters, and geometric shapes. Items may be prepared at the beginning of the school year or as needed in each chapter.


Teacher's Toolkit CD
Each Teacher's Toolkit CD, located inside the back cover of the Teacher's Edition, includes additional instruction in Christian worldview shaping, Teaching Visuals, Instructional Aids, Enrichment pages for the advanced student, Extended Activities, and much more!


Each packet of tests includes a test for each chapter. The Tests Answer Key is also available for each grade.

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