The Materials for Elementary Math

Below are the standard Math materials provided for each elementary grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.

A - Student text, B - Teacher Edition, C - Manipulatives Packets, D - Reviews A

Student Worktext
Using age-appropriate content and colorful illustrations, each student worktext provides two pages of explanation and practice problems per lesson as well as a chapter review. Some worktexts also include STEM activities and an “Exploring Ideas” page.


Teacher Edition
The teacher edition for each grade contains full-color, reduced-size student pages with overprint answers. Each lesson opens with a list of objectives and with materials needed for that lesson. Additionally, each lesson typically includes suggestions for teacher-directed review, strategies for teaching new concepts, and answers.


Visuals & Manipulatives Packets
To build and reinforce understanding, new concepts are introduced in each grade with the use of manipulatives. Both the teacher visuals packet and the student manipulatives packet include items such as pocket charts, number lines, paper coins and bills, rulers, workmats, counters, and geometric shapes, giving the students hands-on practice of the concept. Items may be prepared at the beginning of the school year or as needed for each chapter.


Reviews & Activities
Reviews provide opportunities for extra practice that teachers may use for homework, assessment, or cumulative review. As students complete practice activities on the current lesson and spiral reviews of previous concepts, they take a crucial step toward gaining automaticity with the material. Review books are available for grades 1–5, with additional reviews available online.


Each assessments packet includes a test for each chapter. The assessments answer key is also available for each grade.

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