Check out a page from the K5 Math Student Worktext

a page from the K5 Math Student Worktext

The Materials for K5 Math

K5 Math Student Worktext

This worktext helps kindergarteners develop an understanding of numbers and how they are used to represent addition, subtraction, measurement, and more. The program has a farm theme that makes learning fun and incorporates age-appropriate stories and colorful illustrations.

K5 Math Teacher's Edition with CD

Includes instructions and resources to help teachers introduce each new math concept. Some of the resources include instructional aids, activity suggestions to reinforce concepts, review sections, extended activities to stretch the students' application level, and much more.

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K5-Grade 1 Math Student Manipulative Packet

This packet contains shapes, fractions pieces, money, rulers, number cards, and much more to help students understand foundational math concepts. Each of the items is perforated for easy preparation.

K5 Math Teacher's Visual Packet

This packet includes colorfully illustrated teaching charts, counters, shapes, fraction pieces, money, number cards, and many more visuals.

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