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Secondary Math Overview

Engaging Presentation

Students see the relevance and purpose of math when it is presented from a biblical worldview. The BJU Press Secondary Math program helps students develop reasoning and problem-solving skills as they use graphing calculators, spreadsheets, programming projects, and Internet keyword searches to explore math. Real-life applications present math as a tool of commerce, the language of science, and a means for solving everyday problems.

Comprehension and Review

The key to success in math is comprehension of the material. In BJU Press Secondary Math, students connect each new lesson to previously learned concepts to get a unified view of mathematics. Lessons, exercises, and reviews are designed to promote maximum comprehension and retention of the concepts. Exercise sets, graded by level of difficulty, assure optimal learning.

Relevant Application

Students are more excited about learning new math skills when they are shown practical, scientific, and economic applications to their everyday lives. Features on biblical worldview math history, biographies, and careers help students develop an appreciation of math. Students are reminded of the greater purpose of studying math: learning to better demonstrate their love for God by serving Him and helping others.

Support Materials

Teacher’s Edition with CD

The Teacher’s Edition contains presentation suggestions, overprint answers and complete step-by-step solutions, and suggested scheduling and assignments for minimum, standard, and extended tracks. Select titles include a CD containing projection-ready answers, visuals, and Mathardy (a review game).

Teacher Tools Online: Technology Enhancements

Technological features include editable PowerPoint presentations, access to the Teacher Tools Online community, video clips, an electronic copy of the Tests Answer Key, access to the new test item database for select titles, and much more!

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