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Elementary Math Overview

Engaging Presentation

BJU Press has designed a math program that engages student interest, using age-appropriate themes and clear explanations. On the elementary level, new concepts are introduced with student manipulatives to promote interactive learning, and at every level math is presented as a tool for obeying Genesis 1:28.

Comprehension & Review

The key to success in math is comprehension. A student who tries to survive on memorization alone will struggle as higher-level skills are introduced. BJU Press math ensures comprehension of basic concepts and builds on that foundation with frequent review and thoughtful introduction of new topics.

Relevant Application

As students learn how math applies to real life, they will be more excited about learning new skills. Our textbooks show how math formulas and facts can be used to glorify God. The exercises and problems demonstrate a variety of uses for math—distance, measurement, finances, size, volume, and more.

Support Materials

Teacher’s Edition with CD

Included are instructions to teach for understanding using manipulatives, a problem-solving approach, spiraled review, mental math computations, and answers for student Worktext pages. The CD features Teaching Charts, Instructional Aids, Fact Reviews, Extended Activities, and Enrichment pages. Reviews pages and Reviews Answer Key are also included.

Teacher Tools Online: Technology Enhancements

Technological features include editable PowerPoints, access to the Teacher Tools Online community, video clips, an electronic copy of the Test Answer Keys, and much more! Visit for more details.

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