Check out a page from the Math 5 Student Worktext

a page from the Math 5 Student Worktext

The Materials for Math 5

Math 5 Student Worktext

In this book math skills are developed within a chapter format followed by daily review for a mastery approach. Two colorful pages reinforce the concepts taught in the lesson. A Chapter and Cumulative Review are also included in each chapter.

Math 5 Teacher's Edition with CD

This book uses manipulatives to build on the mathematical foundations of multiplication, division, and place value, and to develop the student's understanding of geometry, fractions, decimals, ratios, and measurements.

Math 4-6 Student Manipulative Packet

This packet contains manipulatives such as clocks, rulers, shapes, and measurement flashcards for the students to use in the lessons. All items are perforated for easy preparation.

Math 4-6 Teacher Manipulatives Packet

This packet contains pocket charts, rulers, fraction kits, place value kits, number cards, number lines, measurement flashcards, and multiplication/division fact family flashcards for teacher demonstration. All of these visuals are perforated for easy preparation.

Math 5 Tests

Contains 5 copies of each test for each chapter of Math 5. These tests are designed to assess the student's comprehension of the material taught in Math 5 Worktext.

Math 5 Tests Answer Key

Contains a copy of the student tests with answer overprints for easier grading.

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