Check out a page from the Math 3 Student Worktext

a page from the Math 3 Student Worktext

The Materials for Math 3

Hailey and a girl in a wheelchair watching fireflies

Math 3 Student Worktext

A consumable resource that solidifies knowledge by encouraging students to picture and explain answers with written responses. Students will develop a competency in working with place values, multiplication, division, and fractions. The adventures of Hailey and Horatio encourage learning and reinforce biblical worldview teaching, while Serve with Math pages create a touchpoint for math application.

Math 3 Teacher's Edition

Clearly lays out all processes and concepts. Activities focus on student modeling, especially with manipulatives. Instructions encourage students to explain and defend their solutions as much as possible. Biblical worldview sections further develop the four themes through characters and problem solving activities.

Math 3 Student Manipulatives Packet

This packet contains manipulatives like counters, clocks, rulers, and multiplication facts study cards for students to use in the lessons. Most of these items are perforated for easy preparation.

Hailey and Horatio the squirrel counting some money

Math 3 Teacher's Visual Packet

Contains 42 colorful teaching charts to use with the lessons and display in the classroom. The charts include graphs, measurement, temperature, fractions, plane and solid figures, perimeter, and other important concepts. The packet also contains counters, money, Fraction Kit, Place Value Kit, Number Cards, and a Number Line for teacher demonstration. The manipulatives are large duplicates of the items provided for each student in the Math 3 Student Manipulatives Packet.

Math 3 Reviews

Provide daily assessments for each lesson. The front page focuses on the current lesson while the back page presents a spiraling cumulative review. Exercises are helpful for additional assessment, review, introducing new strategies, and giving practice opportunities for struggling students.

Hailey and Horatio the squirrel at the edge of a cliff

Math 3 Reviews Answer Key

Provides overprinted answers for convenient grading and evaluation.

Math 3 Tests

Assesses mastery of concepts with a focus on computation, picturing, and reasoning.

Math 3 Tests Answer Key

Includes test versions with overprinted answers for convenient grading.

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