Check out a page from the Math 2 Student Worktext

a page from the Math 2 Student Worktext

The Materials for Math 2

Matt the builder and Paddy the beaver

Math 2 Student Worktext

Provides two pages to practice the skills taught in each lesson. Also includes Chapter and Cumulative Review sections for each chapter.

Math 2 Teacher's Edition with CD

Includes instruction for teaching each lesson, visuals, and worktext pages with overprinted answers. There is also a CD included with reproducible pages. Take note that the answer key for the Math 2 Reviews is located only on this CD.

Math 2 Student Manipulatives Packet

This packet contains manipulatives like rulers, thermometers, number cards, and place value kits for students to use in the lessons. Most of the items are perforated for easy preparation.

Math 2 Teacher's Visual Packet

This packet includes colorful charts, graphs, money, stick puppets, number lines, and other visuals for teacher demonstration.

Matt and Paddy packing tools into a suitcase

Math 2 Reviews

This book includes two review pages for each lesson along with a Chapter and Cumulative Review at the end of each chapter.

Math 2 Reviews Answer Key

Provides overprinted answers for activity pages for convenient grading and evaluation.

Math 2 Tests

Contains a test for each of the nineteen chapters, similar to the corresponding Chapter Review in the Worktext.

Math 2 Tests Answer Key

Contains a copy of each Math 2 test with overprinted answers.

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