Check out a page from the Math 1 Student Worktext

a page from the Math 1 Student Worktext

The Materials for Math 1

Math 1 Student Worktext

Engage your students in the learning process by providing learning opportunities for both guided and independent practice with Math 1 Worktext. Skills for writing equations, reading graphs, and problem solving are introduced using theme characters Digit the Clown and Cecilia, his pet seal, to help young students foster a love for math. Two new chapters have been added to the worktext—a chapter on plane figures and one on charts and graphs. Within the worktext, students are provided with ample opportunities to practice new concepts as well as space to show their solutions by drawing pictures or using the pictures that have been provided. The worktext includes colorful theme counters, puppets, a Digit clock, and work mats.

Digit the clown feeding baby chicks

Math 1 Teacher's Edition with CD

This designed to help teachers successfully implement the math materials by making the students active participants in math lessons. Each lesson contains background information, teaching strategies, and questions that guide teachers in teaching lessons that help students successfully understand the concepts of each lesson. Two new chapters have been added to the Math 1 educational materials—a chapter on plane figures and one on charts and graphs. The Teacher’s Edition also includes reduced-size student pages along with answer overprints for easy reference and grading. The Teacher’s Toolkit CD, located inside the back cover of the Teacher’s Edition, contains additional teacher helps.

Math 1 Student Manipulatives

The BJU Press educational materials for math seek to teach for understanding. One of the best ways to help students understand foundational math concepts is by using manipulatives. The Math K5-1 Student Manipulative Packet contains geometric shapes, fraction pieces, and money to be used in the lessons by the students. The packet also contains a Hundred Chart, Number Cards, Sign Cards, Dot Pattern Cards, rulers, Ten Bars, Ten Frames, and place value pieces. The items are perforated for easy preparation. The manipulatives will be used by students in Math K5 and in Math 1.

Math 1 Teacher's Visual Packet

Contains colorful teaching charts to use when teaching lessons and for classroom display. The packet also contains large duplicates of the manipulatives provided in the Math 1 Student Manipulatives Packet (286690) such as the fraction kit, place value kit, number cards, dot pattern cards, money, and stick puppets.

Digit the clown and Cecilia the seal juggling numbers

Math 1 Reviews

Provides practice for each lesson in Math 1 as well as a review of concepts that have been taught in previous lessons. Chapter reviews and cumulative reviews are included at the end of each chapter. The pages may be used any time after the lesson has been taught.

Math 1 Reviews Answer Key

Provides overprinted answers for activity pages for convenient grading and evaluation.

Math 1 Tests

Help access student understanding of the concepts taught in Math 1. Each test is written on a grade-appropriate level and contains a variety of different question formats.

Math 1 Tests Answer Key

Includes a copy of each chapter test with an answer overprint.

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