Check out a page from the Fundamentals of Math Student Text

a page from the Fundamentals of Math Student Text

Materials for Fundamentals of Math

Fundamentals of Math Student Edition

Focuses on the fundamentals of math to help students build the skills necessary for future math courses. In our 7th grade math textbook, students review all the foundational concepts learned in elementary school and deepen their understanding of concepts introduced in middle school. The structure of each exercise set allows for spiral review of previously learned concepts, ensuring students have consistent and ongoing practice with each lesson.

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Fundamentals of Math Teacher Edition

Equips educators with 7th grade math lesson plans and other resources to provide a successful learning environment for students. The teacher’s edition provides suggested teaching strategies, questions, and much more to encourage student engagement, retention, and development throughout the course.

Fundamentals of Math Activities

Offers students additional practice opportunities for solidifying concepts from lessons in the Fundamentals of Math program. The 7th grade math workbook includes worksheets with word problems and equations to give struggling students additional opportunities to grasp the lesson concepts and to give advanced learners beneficial practice. The workbook also provides detailed instructions and explanations for the STEM projects.

Fundamentals of Math Activities Answer Key

Includes copies of all student activities from the Grade 7 Fundamentals of Math activities workbook with overprint answers.

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Fundamentals of Math Assessments

Provides 7th grade math questions, quizzes, and tests for use as summative assessments for the Fundamentals of Math course.

Fundamentals of Math Assessments Answer Key

Provides overprint answers and step-by-step solutions to the math problems from student quizzes, tests, and exams.

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