BJU Press Math

Differentiated Learning

BJU Press understands that not all students learn the same way. That’s why our math provides multiple paths to learning comprehension. Exercises and reviews frame concepts in different ways in order to engage different learning styles. In the elementary grades, the use of manipulatives is encouraged to appeal to the visual and kinesthetic learner. On the middle and high school level, math is practiced through spreadsheets, programming projects, and other exercises to help all students develop reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Life Application

Students often become frustrated with math because they do not understand how it will relate to their future vocations and their place in God’s world. BJU Press Math teaches the importance of the subject by identifying the use of math in many different careers, ministries, and real-world situations.

Teacher Support

Teachers and the direct support that they provide to the students are most important part of math classrooms. That’s why we save teachers valuable time by providing PowerPoint presentation suggestions, overprinted answers with step-by-step solutions, assignment schedules, and more in our Teacher’s Editions.

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