The Materials for Literature

Below are the standard BJU Press Literature materials provided for each grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.


Student Text
Each Student Text includes colorful photos and illustrations, grade-appropriate selections, and questions that promote deep comprehension, technical analysis, and critical evaluation. Students will improve their close reading skills through technical analysis and fortify their faith through critical evaluation from a biblical worldview. Selections are drawn from various genres and time periods and represent varying styles, themes, and cultures.


Teacher's Edition
The Teacher’s Edition contains a lesson plan overview to help with lesson planning and full-color, reduced student pages for ease of reference. Each lesson plan includes lesson objectives, numerous teaching strategies, answers to discussion questions, and ideas for enrichment activities.


Teacher's Toolkit CD
The Teacher’s Toolkit CD, located inside the back cover of the Teacher’s Edition, provides instructional aids, such as graphic organizers, to help teachers customize their lessons. Reading checks quizzes and keys; writing worksheets and rubrics; vocabulary word lists; and reading and vocabulary standardized-test practices are included for select grades.


Tests and test keys are provided for separate purchase. They include chapter tests, midterm, and final exams.

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