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The Materials for Exploring Themes in Literature

Exploring Themes in Literature Student Edition

The student edition offers a broad array of works representing many genres, authors, and time periods. Selections model great writing for students and prompt them to think on issues and topics relevant to their lives. Lessons use the Reading Process Approach to scaffold student comprehension and apply close reading to each selection. Engaging artwork captivates readers while Big Questions encourage them to connect personally with each selection. Students will need copies of The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis to complete the novel study.

Exploring Themes in Literature Teacher Edition

The two-volume teacher edition offers teaching strategies to enliven learning and deepen understanding, and it covers essential material in an organized way. Teachers can draw from additional teaching resources and notes to differentiate or customize instruction in many lessons. Lessons may include links to multimedia avenues to vary presentation style and to engage students. Additional resources, including lesson plans, handouts, teaching guides, and notes, for teaching a novel study on C. S. Lewis’s The Last Battle are available in the back matter.

Exploring Themes in Literature Assessments

The assessments packet includes six unit tests and one test on the novel. Questions are drawn directly from the student and teacher materials. Question options include multiple choice, short answer, matching, true/false, and short essay.

Exploring Themes in Literature Assessments Answer Key

The assessments answer key includes a copy of the student tests with overprint answers for easy grading.

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