The Materials for Making Connections in Literature

Making Connections in Literature Student Edition

Supports teachers in helping students analyze and evaluate literature and come to a biblical understanding of each selection. In addition, the teacher edition suggests natural opportunities to encourage collaborative learning in a school environment.

Making Connections in Literature Teacher Edition

Engages students with a variety of literary selections that are current and relevant to them. The structure of the student edition helps students to use the reading process as they learn more about each literary selection. As they progress through each selection, students will be encouraged and challenged to shift their purpose for reading so they will grow in their ability to analyze literary features, read with understanding, and evaluate big ideas that they take from each selection.

Making Connections in Literature Assessments

Includes reading comprehension assessments as well as unit tests for formative assessments and standardized test practice.

Making Connections in Literature Assessments Answer Key

Includes overprint answers for all quizzes, unit tests, vocabulary tests, practice tests, and the novel assessment.

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