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The Materials for Excursions in Literature

Excursions in Literature Student Text

Excursions in Literature helps students learn the foundational concepts necessary for the study and appreciation of literature while applying scriptural principles to the analysis of an author’s ideas. Students sharpen their critical thinking skills as they observe the strengths of good writing and evaluate various techniques and themes of Christian and non-Christian writers. They hone their communication skills through writing assignments that challenge them to compose their own pieces.

Throughout Excursions in Literature, students read literary works from a variety of genres and cultures. They are taught not only to appreciate literature for its creative and aesthetic qualities but also to study the themes and moral tone of each work, carefully evaluating those elements in light of biblical truth.

Excursions in Literature Teacher's Edition with CD

Excursions in Literature guides students in reading literature in light of a Christian worldview and will learn how to deal biblically with objectionable elements. The textbook teaches students to recognize and appreciate literary techniques, presents a variety of literary genres, and develops critical thinking skills.

The Teacher's Edition (2 volumes) recommends methods for teaching values as well as content and includes many useful teaching aids. Notes offer solid scriptural applications, annotations of literary analysis, and discussion questions with suggested answers. The CD includes reading quizzes, writing rubrics, supplemental worksheets, standardized test practices, bulletin board ideas, and helps for ESL students.

Excursions in Literature Tests

The test packet provides ready-made tests for each of the six units as well as mid-term and final tests.

Excursions in Literature Tests Answer Key

Excursions in Literature Tests Answer Key includes a copy of the student tests with answer overprints for easy grading.

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