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The Materials for British Literature

British Literature Student Text

British Literature discusses literature selections and cultural issues from eight literary periods in light of Scripture: Old English, Middle English, Tudor, Stuart, Neoclassical, Romantic, Victorian, and Modern. Traces English Christianity from its beginning to the present and studies the Shakespearean drama Macbeth.

British Literature Teacher's Edition

The updated Teacher's Edition includes full-sized student pages and provides specific analysis, discussion, and biblical application suggestions. It offers suggested answers to discussion questions.

British Literature Tests (5 pack)

Questions and answers are drawn directly from the textbook and include multiple choice, short answer, matching, true/false, and brief essay. Midterm and final exam are included.

British Literature Tests Answer Key

British Literature Tests Answer Key includes test versions with overprinted answers for convenient grading. Corresponds with British Literature Tests.

Macbeth (DVD)

Shakespeare's bewitching tragedy Macbeth comes alive in this powerful performance. Dr. and Mrs. Bob Jones III masterfully portray Macbeth and his wife in their treacherous quest for the throne. BJU Press's British Literature includes the play and extensive teaching materials. A brief study guide is included with this BJU Classic Players production. Recommended for British Literature, grade 12, BJU Press. A resource for literature and drama. Suitable for teens and adults.

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