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The Materials for British Literature

British Literature Student Text

The Student Text offers a broad array of works representing each era of British literature. Selections model great writing for students and prompt them to think about issues and topics relevant to their own lives. Lessons scaffold student comprehension and close reading using the reading process approach. Art engages today's readers while motivational questions encourage them to connect personally with selections. The Student Text also includes test reviews.

British Literature Teacher Edition

The Teacher Edition guides teachers through teaching the reading process approach. Lessons include widely differentiated lesson materials, and certain texts have been highlighted as core texts for teachers to assign. Additionally, the Teacher's Edition gives the option of teaching a novel or longer work rather than just excerpts of longer works. Some lessons include links to multimedia avenues to vary presentation style and to engage students.

British Literature Assessments

Questions for tests are drawn directly from the Student Text and Teacher Edition materials and include multiple choice, short answer, matching, true or false, and short essay questions. Midterm and final exams are included. All assessments are aligned with educational objectives.

British Literature Assessments Answer Key

British Literature Assessments Answer Key includes test versions with overprinted answers for convenient grading. Corresponds with British Literature Assessments.

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