Check out a page from the American Literature Student Text

a page from the American Literature Student Text

The Materials for American Literature

American Literature Student Text

Contains introductory essays for each unit providing an overview of the cultural and historical events and ideas influencing each literary period. The instruction for the literature selections is structured around the reading process approach. Students will improve close-reading skills with questions during reading that focus on the three strands of study: Analyze, Read, and Evaluate.

American Literature Teacher's Edition

Mirrors the reading process approach introduced in the Student Text. Each lesson plan follows a simple structure to focus on three strands of instruction: Before Reading, Teach, and After Reading. Includes a Teacher’s Toolkit CD with additional content.

American Literature Tests

Contain questions and answers that are drawn directly from the textbook and include multiple choice, short answer, matching, true/false, and brief essay. Midterm and final exam are included.

American Literature Tests Answer Key

Includes test versions with overprinted answers for convenient grading.

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