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Literature Overview

Ideas and Themes

BJU Press Literature goes beyond learning facts and literary terms. It is a study of literary selections from different cultures, genres, and time periods. In addition to studying literary elements and interpretation, students will learn how to read literature in the light of biblical truth and how to deal with objectionable elements. The primary goal is to help students understand their fellow man and to live godly lives in a fallen world.

Structured Scope

BJU Press Literature begins in Grade 7 and 8 with a thematic approach to help students transition from reading for pleasure to reading with discernment. Grades 9 and 10 introduce a critical-literary approach, drawing on literature from various cultures and genres. A historical approach in Grades 11 and 12 focuses on biblical analysis of the historical and cultural context of each author and his work.

Analyses and Activities

To aid students in evaluating what they read, each selection concludes with questions, analysis, and activities. These questions engage four levels of thinking skills—literal, interpretive, critical, and appreciative.

Support Materials

Teacher's Edition with CD

The Teacher's Edition suggests varied teaching strategies, incorporating highlighted marginal notes of literary analysis. The CD includes a variety of teaching helps and additional worksheets including reading quizzes, writing rubrics, standardized—test practices, bulletin-board ideas, and helps for (ESL) English as a Second Language students.

Teacher Tools Online: Technology Enhancements

Technological features include editable PowerPoints, access to the Teacher Tools Online Community, video clips, and electronic copy of the Tests Answer Key, access to the new test database for select subjects, and much more! Visit for more details.

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