Check out a page from the U.S. History Student Text

a page from the United States History Student Text

The Materials for United States History

Columbus arriving in the New World

U.S. History Student Text

Takes the student on a journey beginning with European contact with American Indians and ending with the inauguration of Donald Trump. Along the journey, the course highlights major historical events that have shaped American history, inviting students to discuss the ramifications of these events on society today.

U.S. History Teacher's Edition

Provides guidance for individual and group assessments that correct and strengthen students’ historical thinking and inform the teacher’s instruction. It suggests methods and discussions for helping students through historical debates and points of view from a biblical worldview and for grasping historical causation.

U.S. History Student Activities Manual

Provides reviews and additional projects and readings. The additional projects invite students to interact with documents from major figures throughout American history, such as letters, speeches, bills, and articles.

an astrolabe and other navigational instruments

U.S. History Student Activities Manual Teacher's Edition

Provides overprint answers in red or magenta type.

U.S. History Tests

Assess students on their knowledge and understanding of key concepts. It also includes many opportunities for students to reveal understanding in essay questions and maps.

U.S. History Tests Answer Key

Provides page numbers for easy location of answers in the student text in addition to overprint answers.

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